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Introduction to Finance and Business Management

Language of instruction:
Form of study:
Total hours:
145 hours
Course duration:
3 months


The program is designed both for professionals in the field of finance, audit and accounting with already confirmed diplomas from ACCA DipIFR and ACCA DipNRF, as well as for young professionals who are just starting their careers, as well as graduates of specialized universities who have basic knowledge of accounting.< /p>

Course content:

The Unified Certification Exam “Introduction to Finance and Business Management”, hereinafter referred to as “IFBR” (Introduction to Finance and Business Rus), is a prerequisite for starting studies on the ACCA diploma program and is based on three subjects – “Financial Accounting” ( FA), Management Accounting (MA) and Business and Technology (BT)

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What will you learn:

  • Context and purpose of financial reporting
  • Qualitative characteristics of financial information
  • Demonstrate the use of double entry and accounting systems
  • Record transactions and events
  • Prepare balance sheet (including identifying and correcting errors)
  • Prepare basic financial statements for incorporated and unincorporated entities
  • Prepare simple consolidated financial statements
  • Interpret financial statements
  • Explain different types of organizational structures and functions
  • Explain how environmental factors affect organizations
  • Explain the nature, source and purpose of management information
  • Perform data analysis and apply statistical methods
  • Apply different cost accounting methods
  • Prepare budgets for planning and control
  • Analyze deviations between predicted and actual costs
  • Apply performance metrics and monitor business performance
  • Understanding the business world and how this can affect the role of an accountant