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About the Programme

Our specially designed programme is tailored for high school and lyceum/college students who aspire to pursue undergraduate studies at the esteemed University of Coventry, UK. The programme offers three stages – Intermediate, Upper-intermediate, and Advanced + IELTS, each spanning 2 months. Participants will have the advantage of enrolling in an international programme, receiving education from distinguished foreign professors, honing their English language skills, and leveraging university opportunities.

Upon successful completion of the programme, students can proceed to one of the undergraduate programmes of Coventry University (UK) at UDEA and get an opportunity to obtain one of the 200 fully-funded scholarships from JSCB Agrobank!


Advanced + IELTS

Who can apply?
High school students and final-year lyceum/college students

only 2 months at each level

Number of Classes:
3 times per week

Intermediate Level – 1 500 000 UZS per month
Upper-intermediate Level – 2 000 000 UZS per month*
Advanced + IELTS – 2 500 000 UZS per month** + 1 300 000 UZS for final CUET English Test

*Upon payment of the course in full, a 15% discount is applicable.
**Upon payment of the course in full, a 10% discount is applicable.

Upon successful completion of the Advanced + IELTS Level, a 5% discount is applicable, if the Foundation programme contract fee is paid in full.

Programme advantages:

  • Opportunity to become a Coventry University student;
  • Access to education from esteemed foreign professors;
  • Opportunity to immerse in the international atmosphere;
  • Enhancement of English language skills;
  • Opportunity to use all the infrastructure and facilities of the university.
Pre-Foundation Programme

Watch the video to learn more about the programme!