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Who We Are

Welcome to the UDEA Center for Executive Education 

Our center offers high-quality training, custom research, and consultancy services for companies, organizations, and government entities.
We are dedicated to helping clients excel in today’s competitive business environment.
With access to national and international experts, we tap into diverse perspectives to enhance research and findings. We support executive education needs and aim to drive organizational success.
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Our Team

Professor Giuseppe Andrea Sapienza

Vice Rector for Research and International Affairs at UDEA.

Dr. Sapienza is an expert in strategy, management of education and quality assurance with 20 years of experience in Italy, UK, China, Cambodia, Solomon Islands, Mongolia and Uzbekistan.
He is a strategic thinker with proven track record of implementation of education strategies, quality assurance design, stakeholder engagement, negotiation and management of complex research projects. experience as consultant and lead investigator for ministries, European Commission, UNESCO, WHO and universities.

Dr. Sherzod Ravshanbekovich Aktamov

Dean, Faculty of Business
DSc in Economics
PhD in Management Science and Engineering (Shanghai University)
Associate Professor

Dr. Aktamov boasts 12 years of teaching experience across various levels at Bangor University (UK), the University of Sunderland (UK), Teesside University (UK), Coventry University (UK), and Webster University (USA). 
He has also showcased a strong research orientation, with 15 publications in international journals and participated in initiatives hosted by institutions such as Bath University (UK), the Policy Research Institute under the Ministry of Finance of Japan (Japan), and Coventry University (UK).
Dr. Aktamov has actively contributed to state research projects and has been involved in research projects financed by the Ministry of Innovative Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan. He has supervised over 200 student research projects at various levels.

Professor Peter Hahn

Emeritus Professor
London Institute of Banking and Finance, UK

Professor Pete Hahn is an experienced Emeritus Professor of Banking and Finance, with roles on boards such as the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority and Kalgera Limited. 
Professor Hahn holds a PhD in Finance, an MBA in Business, and other professional qualifications. He has participated in consulting projects for banks and technology providers, and has been recognized for his expertise on banking governance and regulation.

Professor Leone Leonida

Program Director
King’s College London, UK

Prof. Leonida holds an MSc in Economics and dual PhDs in Economics from the University of York (2005) and Financial Economics from the University of Naples (2001). His research has been published in prestigious journals including The Journal of Banking and Finance, The Journal of Applied Econometrics, The Global Strategy Journal, Economics Letters, The Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, The European Journal of Political Economy, and Empirical Economics. He has also served as a referee for numerous economics and finance journals.

Professor Karim Maredia

Director of International Programs
College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Michigan State University, USA

Dr. Karim Maredia serves as the Director of the World Technology Access (WorldTAP) Program. He is a seasoned expert in international training, capacity building, and technology transfer programs.
Dr. Maredia has been involved in a multitude of international development projects funded by USAID, USDA, UN-FAO, the World Bank, Rockefeller Foundation, Winrock International, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Dr. Maredia is a prolific author with over 25 research papers and articles, as well as co-editing five books.

Professor Robert Wright

Visiting Professor
University of Glasgow, UK

Prof. Wright has studied at prestigious institutions such as the University of Western Ontario, the University of Michigan, and the University of Stockholm. Professor Wright is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a Founding Fellow of the Institute of Contemporary Scotland, and a member of various academic societies such as the Institute for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education and the Academy of the Learned Societies for the Social Sciences and has held visiting professorships at DELTA in Paris and the Universities of Amsterdam and Stockholm. Prof. Wright is the Research Co-ordinator of the Demography and Social Justice Programme at SCOTECON and the Director of the Scottish Graduate Programme in Economics (SGPE).