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UDEA Corporate Alliance Programme

Programme Overview

The UDEA Corporate Alliance Programme is a comprehensive service designed for businesses and public administrations seeking to outsource and enhance their employee training and development programs.

UCAP offers tailored packages to meet the diverse training needs of employees at national and international levels, utilizing the extensive academic and professional expertise of the University of Digital Economics and Agrotechnologies (UDEA).

Programme Objectives

To provide a one-stop solution for corporate training and employee professional development

To offer customizable and scalable training packages that align with industry standards and company objectives

To leverage UDEA's academic resources, faculty expertise, and advanced technology platforms for delivering high-quality training

To establish long-term corporate partnerships that contribute to workforce upskilling and organizational growth

Unique Features of UDEA Corporate Alliance Programme


Customized Curriculum Design

Training programs are designed to align with the specific strategic objectives and industry requirements of the corporate partner.


Flexible Delivery Formats

Training is offered in-person, online, or in a blended format to accommodate varying schedules and learning preferences.


Continuous Learning Pathways

Progression tracks are established for employees to advance from basic to executive-level competencies.


Evaluation and Certification

Comprehensive assessment tools are utilized to measure learning outcomes, with certification provided by UDEA to recognize achievement.


Industry-Relevant Content

Training materials and sessions are regularly updated by UDEA faculty to stay current with the latest industry trends and technology advancements


 Expert Instructors

Courses are led by a diverse team of experienced academics and industry professionals.


Networking and Collaboration

CPPA fosters a community of learning that encourages networking opportunities among participants and across organizations.


Customized research

With a multidisciplinary team of experts spanning agronomy, engineering, computer science, and business, we provide comprehensive research support to help you overcome challenges and seize opportunities in the agri-tech sector.

International conference

Partnering with UDEA to organize an international conference in agrotechnologies offers a unique opportunity to engage with the global community, amplify your impact, and contribute to advancing the frontiers of agricultural innovation.

UDEA Training Programmes

Basic Training Module (BTM) A standard package for new hires that covers essential skills at basic level.

Advanced Professional Development (APD) Specialized courses and workshops for mid-level professionals focusing on advanced concepts, leadership, and managerial skills.

Executive Leadership Track (ELT) A premium offering for senior executives and managers, featuring strategy sessions, leadership seminars, and industry-specific symposia with top experts.

International Expertise Exchange (IEE) Opportunities for employees to engage in international training and exchange programs with partner institutions and global industry leaders.

Social Responsibility Program

Summer School – Sustainable Agriculture in Uzbekistan DAAD

Panel members for the student conference

Internships in companies

Smart agriculture national contest (project) as a sponsor

Scholarships for the students

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