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We live in a dynamic governance environment where human capital, information resources and knowledge are among the most important assets of public and private organizations. That is, large-scale and deep reforms are being carried out in the Republic of Uzbekistan in all spheres of public life, so the main attention is paid to the radical renewal of the education system, including the higher education system.

In recent years, there have been some changes in the dynamics of the demand for many professions in the market of labor. This was mostly caused by globalization, the development of information technology and integration processes, which are intensifying every year. At the same time, young people have new opportunities in choosing a future profession or changing the current one. The decision about which university to enter is made by young people with their own deep understanding and thinking about the far future.

In the modern world, employers do not pay great attention to the availability of higher education, by prioritizing self-education and self-employment of a candidate. Therefore, those universities, where youngsters show themselves in their knowledge, remain a field that opens doors to a new world.

Taking into account the information mentioned above and based on the tasks implemented in strengthening the UN General Assembly, we decided to establish the higher-education University of Digital Economics and Agrotechnologies in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Abduraupov Rustam Ramzovich
Doctor of Economic Sciences